How many players for a game of DAFUQ ?

Like a couple, boring with 2, not bad with 3 and great with 4 or more !

Can I play DAFUQ with my in-laws?

Yes, but beware, you will never look at them in the same way again.

Are there only hot questions in DAFUQ ?

Absolutely not, the rhyme is misleading. There is something for everyone in DAFUQ , you can even play with mom and dad with peace of mind.

I have a lot of ideas for funny cards, can you put them in the next version of the game?

Send us your card ideas to and we will choose the most classy and distinguished ones in a non-democratic way.

Where can I find the DAFUQ application on my phone’s store ?

On the Appstore and Googleplay ! If you have a windows phone…it’s time to grow up!

Can I use DAFUQ to teach my children to read?

Sure, he’ll learn lots of new words like Urinotherapy, jackal breath and easy money! The teacher will love it!