How many people can play DAFUQ!?

The game works best in groups of 4 or more! 3 isn’t bad… 2 is boring… and 1 is just sad.

Can I play DAFUQ! with my in-laws?

Yes, but beware, things will never be the same again…

Are there only sexual questions in DAFUQ!?

Absolutely not! Only when you want there to be 😉 DAFUQ! provides many different packs! Ones you can even play with your mother! 

I have a lot of great ideas for cards that I want featured on the app!

Awesome! Send all your chaotic card ideas to We will only select the classiest cards, of course. 

Where can I find the DAFUQ! application on my phone?

DAFUQ! is featured on the App Store and Google Play!  If you have a windows phone…it’s time to grow up. 

Can I use DAFUQ! to teach my children how to read?

You can do whatever your heart desires! Your kid will definitely learn lots of wonderful things at a surprisingly young age! We even recommend having them share all their new knowledge to their class and teachers, I’m sure they’ll love it!